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DmC Devil May Cry



DmC Devil May Cry is a reboot of very well known hack’n’slash game series.
Capcom (creators of Devil May Cry series) in cooperation with Ninja Theory did very good work. Fans were scared about restart of whole series. Creating new character style was kinda risky but for creators it was worth. Game sold +/- 2mil. copies.

+ New interesting weapons
+ New spectacular combinations of attacks
+ Addictive storyline
+ Big amounts of upgrades for Dante and his weapons
+ Collectibles
+ Secret missions
+ Graphics
+ Many difficulty levels
+ Soundtrack

– Game is not too long
– Bosses are not too hard to beat
– Sometimes game is getting wearisome

If You’re into hack’n’slash games for sure DmC Devil May Cry is “to play” on Your games list.