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Dark Souls


Dark Souls. When You ask someone about this game, probably he will tell You that it’s the most hardest game in the world. Actually it would be true pretty much. Dark Souls is successor after Demon’s Souls. But! There’s no links with main story between those games.

+ No tutorials, so player need to focus on game and try to think
+ Unique fighting engine
+ Unique character stats upgrading
+ Many enemies
+ Pretty long
+ Many weapons
+ Epic bosses and fights with them

– No signs from creators where player should go
– Sometimes getting too hard
– Soundtrack is pretty much “dead”

Well. If You’re into “hard” games Dark Souls is for You. Honestly, in my opinion Dark Souls isn’t “that” hard as people say. Maybe it’s hard in the beginning, but later game is going to be easy for You. Try it!