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Cry of Fear


Well! Cry of Fear is a indie horror game. Cry of Fear initially was made as a modification for Half Life 1. Then, after big success that CoF enojyed Team Psykskallar (Swedish modders who are also responsible for Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut) published it on Steam. Of course game is for free so You can enjoy this beautiful  game. Beautiful? Yes. Game has been made on Half Life 1 engine so as we can expect pretty low graphics, but not in Cry of Fear. Graphics are really beautiful as on GoldSource engine.

+ Game has it own scary climate
+ Graphics
+ Storyline
+ Good voice acting
+ Some good jumpscares
+ Not too short
+ Sometimes You have to think a little bit what to do
+ Co-op
+ Music

– AI. Sometimes enemies just block behind the lamp and they are easy to kill

Well, only one minus? It is really hard for me to find more, because this game is so epic. For sure, there are more defects but i can’t really tell. If You like horrors and indie games, then Cry of Fear is for You. Trust me. You will not be disappointed.